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    Ian Fischer, Design Director at Robot, or as you may better know him as “Mother” has taken part in another Reddit AMA to answer fans burning questions! From Orcs Must Die! to the gaming industry there were plenty of questions asked and some very detailed answers in response. A couple of highlights:

    dkah41 asked:

    Love the franchise, having a ton of fun. Survival seems a ways behind Siege in terms of development, and the ‘account level’ focus for maps seems flawed as players end up passing over a lot of early content with no reason to go back (rewards/challenge aren’t there). Any plans for the following?

    • “achievement system” a la OMD2 (5-skull rating on a map)
    • “scaling down” so a L300 account can play a L30 map without blowing everything away
    Ian responds:

    Things are coming online for survival, piece at a time. I’ve mentioned before that we felt like we understood survival better, so we started with siege and then moved to survival. Survival still has a ways to go before we’d call it “done.”

    All three of the issues you mention are things we see as well. I’m not 100% certain what Six has announced or hinted at on these things already, so I can’t talk official specifics about them. However, I can say that, personally, un-officially, I think we really need a five-skull system, a way to downscale high level players so they can play games with lower level pals that are fun and rewarding, and an endgame that doesn’t involve three hour endless runs.

    (Wink wink.)

    It’s worth noting that the five star skull system is returning to OMDU in survival mode as a 5 star system as revealed in the last episode of Insider Access and todays email newsletter. You are subscribed to the newsletter, arent you?

    Another interesting question was asked by ElsakaS:

    Are there upcoming changes to the end-game of Siege mode? For me in the end-game if you places your traps very well and a good played defence, it’s sometimes impossible for the minions to get to the core.

    I had something in mind like reduced max traps, stronger minions or even that champions kills in some way decrease the points of the core.

    Ian responds:

    Yes. I’ve already mentioned some bits of this (like not being three hours long and not being 80+ only). That’s one angle — the basic system. We also feel like these maps could be more interesting with some gameplay / challenge changes and we’re working on some of that now too.

    Those players who have been advancing through the levels playing Siege can expect some interesting new content by the looks of things to shake things up.

    Be sure to check out the full AMA on Reddit for more inside scoop from Mother’s mind on OMDU and more via the link below. Essential reading!

    Ian Fischer’s Reddit AMA

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