• Happy Holidays!

    It’s that time of year again to say Happy Holidays to Robot fans and players worldwide. This year has been a big year for the studio having released Orcs Must Die! Unchained on both PC and PS4 following a long ride with the community beta testing. It’s ‘Merry Riftmas’ in game right now, login and play to contribute to the Winter event to unlock sweet chests with Christmas themed goodies!

    Coming up in 2018, ‘Hero Academy 2‘ is soon set to be launching worldwide which will bring mobile tactics to Android and iOS following up on the very well received original, this time the game will be in real-time and featuring tons of new cards. Something great to look forward to coming up in 2018!

    See you on the other side!

    Release 2.6 is coming for OMDU – New Hero – Brass!

    Hot on the heels of the Wu Xing battles expansion pack we have a new free content expansion coming to OMDU next week – patch 2.6. This release features a brand new playable hero, meet Dobbin’s wife – Brass!

    Brass is a new playable hero for the Order and is a master engineer and is equipped with an OMD2 favourite weapon, the Blunderbuss! Previously used by Max in OMD2 the blunderbuss is back and it will feel and work almost exactly like it did in the previous game. She also brings to the game some interesting new unique abilities. As Master Engineer she is able to craft a defensive Dwarven Turret to place on the map as well as placing demolition mines. Both of these can be upgraded with her weaver tiers.

    For instance the turret can be upgraded from its base turret to have an electric shield and missiles depending on what weavers players choose.

    Here is the full list of her abilities:

    Passive: “Short Stack” and “Scrap”

    Brass is too short for large minions to see, so they will never attack her. Brass also collects scrap that drops from minions, which she needs for some abilities.

    Primary Attack: Blunderbuss

    Brass shoots a shotgun-style spread shot from her Blunderbuss. The closer to your target the more damage possible. The Blunderbuss also has a powerful knockback.

    Secondary Attack: Cannonball Shot

    Brass shoots a giant cannonball from her Blunderbuss that damages her target and explodes. The explosion also provides an area damage effect.

    Third Ability: Swiss Army Wrench

    Brass can use this ability to repair and upgrade her turret as well as damage minions. Any wrench attack on a minion guarantees a scrap drop.

    Fourth Ability: Brass Bombs

    Brass can place a land mine that explodes in an area when minions are nearby. Brass Bombs cost scrap to place and she can only have 15 out at a time.

    Fifth Ability: Dwarven Turret

    Brass places a ranged turret that attacks passing minions. She can use scrap to heal and upgrade the turret with her Swiss Army Wrench ability


    Brass is set to be a very unique hero and she will bring alot of interesting new play styles to the game with her diverse abilities. Players could choose a defensive build with the turret, or an offensive build combining scrap metal pick up, cannonball and mine upgrades.

    To find out more about Brass, check out the new blog on the OMDU website – Designing Brass. The blog goes into detail about the hero design and is an excellent read.

    Custom Games

    Another great new addition in this update will be the ability for players to host and join custom games. This has been a much wished for feature from the community, especially among those who have wanted to play a certain map instead of random maps being assigned by the matchmaker. Custom games will also enable playing with friends or guild members easier. Custom games will be available for all game modes.


    • New Battleground: Castle Gates
    • New Consumable: Terracotta Giants
    • New Consumable: Elemental Mages
    • New Consumable: Hide Minimap

    Chaos Trials – new modifiers

    • Additional Terracotta Giants
    • No Minimap in Combat

    Leaderboard reset

    Due to a number of changes being made to the game in this update, and previous updates including alot of balance changes, it is time for the leader boards to be refresh for players to start fresh. The reset is for all game modes, including players Sabotage rank. This means players will need to undergo 5 placement matches again before being assigned their Sabotage rank. Players previous Sabotage rank will be taken into account when assigning the new rank.

    More ch-ch-changes!

    To read about all the balance updates and other new features coming in htis patch, check out the full patch notes over on the OMDU forums!

    This update is due to land 6/7th December for PS4 and PC.

    Wu Xing Battles expansion for Orcs Must Die! Unchained now Live!

    The Wu Xing Battles expansion pack for Orcs Must Die! Unchained is now Live on Steam and PS4. Players can download the update and enjoy a whole bunch of free new content including three new maps (playable in all game modes), a whole new faction “Wu Xing invaders” which includes a whole set of new enemy minions and there is also a brand new hero “Yi-Lin” to round everything off.

    Download the update now and check out the great new content! See you in-game!

    Patch notes for OMDU 2.4 are now available for PC

    PC players are set to receive a new patch for Orcs Must Die! Unchained next week. This patch is largely a balance patch with a couple of new features. This patch is a precursor to a bigger update happening a bit later which will add new maps and a hero to the game. For now though some of the headline changes in V2.4 are:

    • Temple Graveyard map is now available for play in Sabotage.
    • New Sabotage consumables – say hello to Frost Giants, and two cool new additions:
      • Minions Drop Grenades Buff: Causes player sent minions to have a 50% chance to drop grenades on death.
      • Teleportation Staff: Drops a staff that will teleport enemies to a random location if they stay within its area for several seconds.
    • Chaos Trials – Two new modifiers:
      • Guardians Damage Allies – Guardian Spin damages barricades and players.
      • Unstable Rift Polymorph – Failing to close an Unstable Rift will cause the entire team to be polymorphed.
    • Fast Restart – non-matchmade games can now be restarted by the party leader.
    • New skins! Lots of new skins, the lucky heroes in this patch are: Smolder, Hogarth, Ivy, Stinkeye, Max, Tundra, Cygnus, Midnight, Gabby, Bloodspike, Bionka

    The rest of the patch notes relate to balance changes for all number of things. To delve into these check out the post on the OMDU forums where you can join in the discussion about the upcoming changes.

    This patch is set to release August 30th.

    Orcs Must Die! Unchained arrives on PS4 today!

    Good news for PS4 players! Today, July 18th sees Orcs Must Die! Unchained blast onto the console! The game is free to play and available right now for download. Players with Playstation Plus will also be $20 worth of in-game currency provided free of charge in addition to some free skins.

    See you in game!

    Orcs Must Die! Unchained lands on PS4 July 18th

    It has long been announced that Orcs Must Die! Unchained is to be released on PS4, however we now have the official launch date – July 18th! The game is free to play as per the PC release and there will also be $20 worth of in-game currency provided free of charge for PlayStation Plus members, available until August 17th.

    Matt DeWald, producer at Robot Entertainment is currently doing a Reddit AMA which can be found on the link below discussing and answering questions about the upcoming PS4 release. Check out the AMA below:

    Reddit PS4 Release AMA

    Chaos Trials on route to OMDU with patch 2.2

    Patch 2.2 for Orcs Must Die! Unchained is just around the corner, landing June 20th. This new patch will bring a brand new mode to the Survival gameplay – Chaos Trials. What is this and how does this work, you ask? Well as players are playing OMDU in the Survival, Sabotage, Endless, and Weekly Challenges they will now have a chance of chaos key being dropped. These keys can then be used to enter a chaos trial challenge.

    Each key will have an assigned difficulty level (Apprentice, War Mage, Master, and Rift Lord) granting them access to that level of trial. However, these keys will additionally have ‘modifiers’ attached. These modifiers alter the gameplay in certain ways. For instance there might be “No health potion drops”, “More mana potion drops”, “More expensive floor traps” just as an example. These interesting modifiers will mean players will have to think carefully about the hero and set up they will be bringing to the match.

    Like other modes, Chaos Trials can be played with 1-3 players. Winning a chaos trial will cause the key to be upgraded so that players can move on to the next trial which will have a new set of modifiers. Each key only have three lives, so be careful and losing all your lives means you will need to find a new key to restart the trials. However, completing as many chaos trials as possible will yield better rewards.

    Chaos Trials are looking to be a new interesting way to play OMDU with great rewards. Chaos Trials are not the only thing of course coming to OMDU in patch 2.2. There is also a raft of balance changes and fixes and additional new features including….

    New Mercenary – The iMage

    The iMage is a new mage merc who has the unique ability of splitting into multiple variations: Arcane, Fire, Frost, and Lightning. Each mage packs a punch with its own unique elemental ranged attack. However, only one of these mages is the real mage. Destroying the real mage will cause the others to be eliminated – but which one is the real iMage?

    Full Screen Dash

    The first iteration of the long requested full screen dashboard will be available in this patch. There are additional future improvements coming in the future to make the dashboard more suitable for full screen. However, for now it will be possible to make the dash full screen and it will scale appropriately. There is also a redesigned play screen for selecting matches and modes.


    The Academy Sewers map is now available for play in Sabotage and there are new consumables with the Polymorph Chicken sounding particularly amusing:

    • Polymorph Chicken: select one enemy hero and turn him or her into a chicken.
    • Immolation Staff: places a staff on the enemy team’s battleground that damages barricades, decoys, and summoner trap retainers.
    • Armored Giants: Summons a medium-sized army of armored giants.

    Full Patch notes

    The above is of course just a taster of the main changes coming in patch 2.2. To delve in to all the balances changes, fixes and small improvements check out the full patch notes on the official website on the link below. This patch will be landing June 20th – see you in game!

    Full patch notes: