• Hero Academy: Let’s Get Dangerous

    Looking up to step up your game at Hero Academy? When the game launched, some players struggled a bit, unsure of how to go about crushing their opposition. Since then, Robot Entertainment has done an excellent job at beefing up their documentation. In addition, the fan community has been hard at work, ensuring that players have all the tools necessary for victory:

    Add to this growing list several articles posted at the james review. James’ series of strategy guides targets experienced players, and provides new tactics to get the most out of your game. Last week, discussing the Council, he demonstrated formations like the Phalanx and the Battering Ram; his latest article focuses on the Dark Elves, a race that many players are having a hard time excelling with. The long and the short of it? Be mobile and aggressive, and don’t be afraid to exchange units to achieve your goals. Head on over to read the entire article, and if you’ve got any pointers of your own, be sure to leave a comment for everyone!

    Robot Radio Interview with Hero Academy’s Lead Designer Marcin Szymanski

    Want to know about Hero Academy and the upcoming Dwarves release? Here is the early scoop and an inside look into the people that make the games that you love.



    Dwarves en route to Hero Academy come February 22nd

    Good news for budding Hero Academy players – the brand new team to join in the fray are the Dwarves and will be hitting the academy on February 22nd! We’ll be seeing this new and exciting team in just one week!This news comes hot on the heels of the new board which is also being released on the 22nd and is available free for all players. Whatsmore, the the update is also bringing Gamecenter and leaderboards support – boom, just like that! Not to mention some balance changes are also on the cards.

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    Chris Moffitt Shares more OMD! art on his blog.

    Chris Moffitt is sharing some OMD! art work on his blog. Chris noted that the interlude images were built using Chris’s character models and the weapon models were made by Gene Kohler. The environments were built by Paul Slusser, Rob Walden and Duane Santos.

    Brand new board coming to Hero Academy

    Good news for Hero Academy players. Things will be shaking up as a brand new board is scheduled to be released soon. This new board will be included in the random rotation and will be available for free for all players. Just when you were starting to get comfortable with the current boards here is something new to feast your eyes on:

    Expect this new board to land on your iPhones and iPods very soon!

    How Soul Harvest works with the Dark Elves team

    On the official Hero Academy forums there was much debate over how Soul Harvest actually works and several theories were getting passed back and forth.  Rather than continuing to to guess I knuckled down and spent the time across several test games to document the actual results of Soul Harvest vs enemies, crystals and the effect of magic resist on the results.  I have charted all this information down for everyone to review and also understand how Soul Harvest works and it’s effect on your teams HP.  Visit this link to a shared spreadsheet: interviews RE’s Marcin Szymanski about Hero Academy

    What is the future of Hero Academy? Get a glimpse into the lead designers mind and what he thinks might be upcoming for Robot’s first mobile game.

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