• Rogotin and Radiokenny weren’t just chasing Rainbows. X13 achieved


    Just days after a live interview with Robot community manager SixOkay sparked discussion about the possibility of an x13 combo in Orcs Must Die, it has been achieved. Robot forum member Rogotin theorized that OMD could produce an x13 if someone could find a place in the game to use a rolling log or boom barrel to add to an existing x12. Everyone thought that the theory was a long shot if not impossible, even with modded onslaught files and definitely not possible in normal gameplay. The world was proved wrong. Rogotin teamed with Radiokenny to produce an x13. It was accomplished by Radiokenny on the Twin Halls.

    The x12 in normal play was once thought to be the holy grail of OMD. Now with the x13 a reality. Are there anymore rainbows to chase? Only time will tell.

    Update to Hero Academy. Download Today!


    Sixokay released the following information about the new update to Hero Academy.


    Hello, Heroes! We’ve pushed out a new update to Hero Academy today! Head on over to the App Store to update to version 1.0.2. Here’s a look at what’s been updated in the newest version:


    Updated Training Area – We’ve greatly expanded the Training area of the app. In addition to the Basic Tutorial and Game Guide, we’ve added a new Master Class video. This video walks you through dozens of basic and advanced strategies. Watch the video now to hone your battlefield skills and stay until the end for a sneak peek at the next team coming to the Hero Academy!


    Doubled Maximum Active Game Limit to 40 – One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received from players was that they wanted more games. As of today, we’ve raised the maximum active game limit from 20 to 40. Now you can clobber twice as many friends on the battlefield!


    Chat and News Badges More Visible – We’ve updated the in-game notification symbol for the news and chat buttons to make it easier to see when you have a news update or a chat waiting for you.


    Skip full-screen ads as soon as they load – We’ve updated the full screen ads that appear after each submitted move. Previously you had to wait before skipping them, but with this new update we’ve removed the wait time. You can now skip the ads as soon as they load.


    Stability Fixes – We’ve fixed a few of the most common bugs that were causing the app to crash.

    A starters guide to Hero Academy

    Today the guys over at published a great beginners guide to Hero Academy. Check it out and get on your way to becoming an expert. 

    Click here to read the beginners guide

    Robot Radio – Episode 2

    Here we are with our second edition of Robot Radio News!

    Hero Academy set for release Jan 11th


    According to information sent over Robot Entertainment’s Twitter and Facebook feeds today. Hero Academy will be released to the rest of the world early tomorrow morning. A preview page in the itunes app store showed screenshots of the game and had information about pricing. Hero Academy is free for download which includes the Council Team. Fans can pay .99 cents for ad free play and get the Dark Elves Team in addition to the Council. The app store also offers taunts for download. The taunts are priced and .99 cents for 10 taunts or $4.99 for 100 taunts.

    itunes preview page for Hero Academy

    Robot News – Episode 1

    News #1  


    First Ever x12 combo recorded on Gateway.

    Today I accomplished the first ever x12 combo on Gateway. Here is a video to give some hints and help you get yours.