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Robot releases Echo Prime 1.1 – New echoes, gear and endless

New echoes and gear awaits Echo Prime fans who have been keenly tapping away at saving the universe! Robot has now released a free update to Echo Prime 1.1 which adds four whole new echoes plus new gear for higher level players.

In addition to the above you can now help out a friend by selecting specific Echoes from your friends’ collections as you prepare to go into battle. You will also now receive an extra bonus if your Echoes are borrowed while you’re actively playing the game.

Higher level players can also enjoy the new “contest” levels which feature and endless swarm of enemies. Thats some serious finger tapping right there! You will be rewarded though with some awesome unique gear depending on how long you can face off the enemy waves!

There’s no better time to check out Echo Prime on the iOS store!

Have you unlocked “Wade The Supermaster” yet?

A little while ago Robot Entertainment took part in a Make-a-Wish request for Wade Sharp, a boy who struggles with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) which makes it very difficult to engage in physical activities. His condition means that video games are a very important part of Wade’s life. In June earlier this year the bots welcomed Wade to the studio to help make his wish come true. Wade’s wish was to see how games were made and to become a character in a videogame.

After spending some time with the bots Wade’s very own model was created for Echo Prime and was included in the game. Presenting “Wade The Supermaster” as below:

Now with Echo Prime’s release Wade The Supermaster is now unlockable in game! To celebrate the release of Echo Prime and Wade’s character the bots invited Wade back into the studio and presented him with his very own iPad so that he can enjoy Echo Prime.

Robot CEO Patrick Hudson presents Wade with his new iPad

The question is have you managed to unlock and meet the Supermaster yet? Get playing Echo Prime and see if you can unlock the Hero!

Echo Prime scores well with reviewers – What do you think?

The initial wave of reviews for Echo Prime are making their way across the internet. So far 148Apps, Pocket Gamer UK and AppSpy have waded in with their opinions on the Echo Prime metacritic page. So far we have a resounding 80% recommendation rating from all three of those reviews. Here are some of the initial findings:

Echo Prime is an interesting dungeon crawler-like action game with a few collectible card game elements thrown into the mix.

– 148 Apps


A well put together and entertaining brawler, Echo Prime is a slow burn, but it’s worth the effort.

– Pocket Gamer UK


Though the basic combat can get a little wearisome in large doses, Echo Prime’s cocktail of sci-fi tropes, mystical powers, and RPG leveling offers a decent throatful of neon-soaked gratification.

– App Spy


Its all sounding good so far! Be sure to check it out for yourselves – its available to download on the App Store right now! Once you have come back and let us know on our poll!


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Make-a-Wish sees “Wade The Supermaster” feature in upcoming game “Echo Prime”

Today Robot Entertainment posted the fantastic story about a Make-a-Wish request that was brought to their office from the North Texas Make-a-Wish foundation For those who might not be familiar the Make-a-Wish foundation enables children diagnosed with life-threatening medical condition a chance to live their dreams by liaising with organisations to fulfil their wishes.

On this occasion a request from Wade Sharp landed at Robot HQ. Upon reading about Wade’s struggle with brittle bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). The studio was touched and greeted Wade by inviting him to the studio. Wade’s condition makes it very difficult to engage in physical activities which makes videogames a very important part of his life. To be given a chance to learn about the development of video games and take part in the design of his own in-game character and back-story was a dream. A wish that the fine folks at Robot Entertainment have made true over the last few weeks.

SixOkay writes on the official Robot Entertainment blog:

When we heard about this here at Robot, we jumped at the chance to help make Wade’s wish come true. So, after a few weeks of planning, we had Wade and his family into the office today where he got to be a game developer for a day. Wade was given the studio tour, had lunch with developers, and then got to learn about the process of developing characters for videogames. We even surprised him by creating a model of him in-game as his dream videogame character – Wade the Super-Master! Wade helped us put the finishing touches on his Super-Master character, selecting colors and weapon sounds, even helping us develop a back story!

With Wade working closely with Robot Entertainment artists, designers and executive team this fantastic image has been made available today showcasing Wade The Supermaster for the very first time.

The superb design is a fantastic compilation of creativity from both Wade and the Robot crew. No doubt Wade will have thoroughly enjoyed his time at the studio and it is brilliant that the studio has been able to accommodate his Make-a-Wish. At REF we greatly look forward to seeing and reading more about Wade The Supermaster and his story.

Photo gallery

A number of photos from Wade’s trip have been posted on the Robot Facebook page. The album shows a number of pictures of Wade’s time at the studio working on The Supermaster. View the album here.

For those who are interested in reading more about Wade and is family and for ways you can support them. Please visit: http://iconnectglobal.org/wade

A little note about Echo Prime

Eagle eyed fans may take notice of the Echo Prime logo at the top of the image. This is largely expected to be the title of one of Robot Entertainment’s upcoming games and more information about that will be available as it becomes released.